Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Days to Spring

Nicole Nordeman sang it best....
"Every drop of sun is full of wonder; You are summer.  I will offer thanks for what has been and what's to come; You are autumn.  Even in death you open doors for life to enter; You are winter.  So it with You and how You make me new with every's season's You are recreating me....Summer, Autumn, Winter....Spring."

Last year the seasons brought with them great strength building events.  This Springtime, we are happily looking forward to "newness".  Newness in Him, newness in relationships, newness in location, newness in revelation, newness in vision, and if we are being completely honest..... newness in hope.

Sometimes the aftershocks of the previous year can ripple without expectancy.  This movement automatically brings forth shifts and changes.  We have fully embraced and been excited for this new season in our life; not forgetting the ripples and wrinkles from that of the previous.

This leaves me (Kelly)  thinking of the phrase I love to sing so much each week......"renew our days as days of old".  This can be a simple statement or one of great complexity when applied personally to what has made someone flourish in life or what has crushed them.  My life has seen many quakes. I am not blind to the knowledge that most everyone has experienced life shaking circumstances with the same intensity but yet I only know the way it has affected my heart, logic, and fighting power.  God is my strength and even more is His joy that is my strength.....sometimes it's just a matter of weaving through the flesh to find that joy.

This time...this Spring....seems to carry a greater possibility of brightness with it.

Thanks to a dear friend who sought me out just to say..."Kelly, I know this sounds crazy....but I understand how you can be a woman of much faith and yet if you were completely real to yourself realize that in one out of a million pieces to your heart you have let hope completely bust."  It's like when people say..."keep faith, with God all things are possible."  My internal response to that "yes, but it doesn't mean He has to give you what you ask for if your heart is to let Him lead you into whatever His heart desires are for you." 

This winter, I have allowed many thoughts to lay dormant.  Allowed the unhealthy ones to die out.  And, have rested in knowing that in this fast approaching Spring season God will help to break out new life, new hope, new vision, and His joy will overflow.  I've needed to rest and now that sphere of hope is forming again...  

Life is wonderful and I have no complaints. I LOVE this season....I also love that He is renewing my days as days of old and all that it entails. 

I take a firm hold of it and all it's ways of pleasantness.....