Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our life in line

Imagine if you will....

You're standing in a line, one right behind the other.  What are they giving away? - - -  the very thing that is your heart's desire.  Everyone in this line has fought hard to stand here.   They've seen roads and paths you've never seen and the same appears to be true vice versa.  

As you stand there on your tip toes, peering around the others, body aching from the wait.......everyone is straining their eyes to see if anyone is coming to give away one of these packages.  Sometimes they come close and walk off and other times there is no one in sight for miles.  And even still.... sometimes they come and place a package in your arms;  allow you to admire it;  and then they very sweetly slide it back out of your hands and walk off.

You wait again.  Eventually a person comes and someone is able to leave the front of the line dancing, praising, cheering, and crying with package in hand.  You think to yourself....."that feeling must be amazing!"  Then, you realize..."yes, I'm one step forward in this line."  Getting excited for forward movement you glance around.  Oh no, you see faces ahead of you that you don't recognize.  "Hey, when did they cut in?  Why did they jump ahead?"  "Perhaps I need to recount and get familiar with my surroundings."   You look in front and sure enough more people were allowed in, you look behind and the people behind you are starting to multiply.  The supply versus demand is starting to look critically unbalanced.  And to boot, no one is coming to drop off a package over the horizon.  These are the times your heart sinks and your mind asks if you should even stand here anymore. Your body says "I can't take anymore, I must lay down".  You find yourself sliding downward to the ground.  Not giving up your spot but without strength to stand anymore.  

"How do you do it?" - - - - - We don't.  We're both side by side in this line together bodies laying in our spot, weak and waiting.  Waiting for the line to move again; waiting for someone to pick us out of the line and say here; or even waiting for the command to be released from it all.  

Questions are being thrown at you regularly.  How can you consider walking away when you know you are in the right line and that eventually you'll work your way to the front?  Have you heard anyone's footsteps coming?   Why can't you just.......?

They go on and on and you smile and answer knowing that only the two of you side by side (and perhaps those in front and behind you), know the extent of this wait and what it will do to you.

You ask the Lord.... "should we stay here or should we move on".  And suddenly God, who can be so vocal, becomes silent.

Now you lay in silence....waiting.

This is our life.  We lay on the ground with only God's strength to move forward or step out.  We are submitted to Him and His call. Our flesh has been weaken to the point that it is no longer a factor.  

We know He will answer! We just don't know when and what that answer will be.

And even though the story seems to be a sad one; it's not.  We love our life and love that we are no longer operating from self but from supernatural grace, moment to moment.  It is all beyond our abilities and from that He will receive the greatest glory and praise!  It's great to see that the Lord has built up such a testimony; now if He'll only see us through to the praise report.  (we know He will by the way, we just need Him to keep picking us up and moving us forward).

So, if you're facing what looks to be the most impossible situation, the situation that hurts the most and weakens your resolve....know that it's okay to lay down and allow the Lord to pick you up when necessary.  Don't leave the line!  Stay committed until He releases you.  Know that laying down doesn't mean you've given up anything; except your fleshly desire to see it through in your own strength.  If you stay committed and without allowing the flesh to intervene then.....then you will see the Majesty of our Lord prevail!

"Bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up."  

promises fulfilled lead to commandments obeyed and He gains all the Glory!